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Time-management expert Peter Turla is the president of the National Management Institute.

Many of the top companies in the world find NMI’s time-management training so effective for increasing productivity, they’ve made it part of their standard training for everyone in the whole organization.

Peter Turla - Time Management Expert

Peter Turla
NMI President

Peter “the Time Man” Turla is one of the world’s leading time-management experts. He’s a former NASA rocket designer who saw the need to sharpen his time-management skills. Other teams he worked with wanted him to teach them his time-management strategies. Word spread about his practical, effective productivity techniques to get more done in less time with less effort, and soon other companies wanted him teach his methods to their employees.

He founded the National Management Institute to develop and present high-quality time-management training programs for all levels of management and support staff in business, government, and industry.

The National Management Institute’s (NMI) staff has trained over 500,000 people worldwide. We can provide you with informative, entertaining speakers to give talks or present seminars that will impress, inspire, and motivate your team.

National Management Institute’s seasoned instructors are time-management experts who are the best in the business. They share their knowledge with skill and enthusiasm.

You’ll learn the best time-management techniques ever devised to deal with heavy workloads and still find time to relax.

Have your organization contact us to have one of our instructors give on-site time-management training to your group anywhere in the world. Learn powerful productivity-boosting techniques that will improve your productivity for life.

Find out more about how your organization can benefit from training its employees to get more done in less time with less effort.




Find out how your organization will benefit with our world leading Time Management Training that will inspire and motivate your team to be more productive.