Time Management Video Tips

The following time management video tips feature the highly-acclaimed time management expert, Peter Turla as well as some humorous videos to illustrate how we mess up our time management.



Time Management Tips: How to Set Priorities



Time Management Tip #1: Where Does Your Time Go?  Time is more precious than money.

Magic trick illustrating how time, once spent, never returns.



Time Management Tip #2: Improve your time management by making an effective to-do list.



Time Management Tip #3: Time management tip using a magic trick to illustrate how multitasking is bad for your productivity.



Funny video by Xerox about Information Overload Syndrome (IOS), claiming that the very information meant to inform us is actually making us stupid!



Humorous video by Lev Yilmaz showing how we procrastinate and easily get sidetracked.



Are you past oriented or future oriented?  This video by Philip Zimbardo explains that where you were raised affects how you think about the present, future, and the past.


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