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Time Management Tips Quick Reference Cards


Time Management Tips Quick Reference Cards is a deck of 25 time management tips on flash cards

Quick Reference Cards are an easy-to-use learning tool to help you build you or your team’s time management skills. The cards summarize 25 of Peter “the Time Man” Turla’s best high-leverage time management strategies. Use a different card every day and practice the time management strategy for that day. By using one card a day, you’re not overwhelmed and it’s easy to focus.

Each of the 25 cards in the Quick Reference Cards deck has a brief time-management lesson and provides specific action steps to improve your time management.

If you work with others and you’d like them to improve their time management, here’s a suggestion on how to go about it. Deal 3 or 4 cards to each team member and let each person review his or her cards and select one idea from the card that they like the best. Each person takes a turn in sharing the idea and what they like about it. They then commit to practicing that idea until the next team meeting and giving a brief report on how well it worked for them.


















The cards make self-improvement easy. They are a fun, easy way to stay motivated and inspired to practice powerful time management strategies. Simply place the whole deck into the convenient plastic case included with the deck, change the face card each day, and follow the lessons presented on the card.

Sample Quick Reference Cards, Side 1

Start with a small step MemCard17bBrainDump











Sample Cards – Side 2

To-do listTime travel










 Subjects covered on Time Management Tips Quick Reference Cards









Time Management Quick Reference Cards Table of Contents

Card 1: You Don’t Have to Feel Like Doing It to Do It

Back:     Prevent Problems Day


Card 2: When is Good Enough, Good Enough?

Back:     Avoid Unjustified Perfectionism Day


Card 3: Make A “Not Going To Do It” List

Back:   Overcome Overcommitment Day


Card 4: Beware of “Gotta Minute?”

Back:   Interruptions Diet Day


Card 5: The Monkey Trap

Back:   Simplify Your Life Day


Card 6: What Will Your Next Beginning Be?

Back:   Set SMART Goals Day


Card 7: Meet Your Tight Deadline

Back:   Organize for Fast Working Day


Card 8: Waiting for the “Perfect” Time

Back:   Assign Due Dates Day


Card 9: Proper Planning Provides Peak Performance

Back:   Accomplish Your Key Result Area Day


Card 10: Avoid Paralysis of Analysis

Back:     Be a Completionist Day


Card 11: Whack on the Side of Your Head

Back:     Kiss the Frog Day


Card 12: Ask “Why Me?”

Back:     Delegation Day


Card 13: Practice Kaizen and Get Extraordinary Results

Back:     Improve Your Work Style Day


Card 14: Have You Scared Yourself Today?

Back:     Time Travel Day


Card 15: What Are You Neglecting?

Back:     Use Your Time Wisely Day


Card 16: Make Appointments with Yourself

Back:       Stay Focused Day


Card 17: “Brain Dump” into Your Planning System

Back:       Use Your “Second Brain” Day


Card 18: Have a Good Attitude About What You’re Doing

Back:     Have an Attitude of Gratitude Day


Card 19: Get Off Auto-Pilot

Back:     Analyze How to Improve Day


Card 20: Avoid Burnout

Back:     By the Inch it’s a Cinch Day


Card 21: Determine the Minimum Effective Response

Back:     How Much Time Does it Deserve Day


Card 22: Balance Your Business and Personal Life

Back:     Appreciate Others Day


Card 23: Is Your Tank Getting Filled or Emptied?

Back:     Apply the 80/20 Rule Day


Card 24: Feeling Miserable is Optional

Back:     Keep a Positive Attitude Day


Card 25: The Necessity of Do-Nothing Time

Back:     Finish Your To-do List Day



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