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Time Management Tools and Resources

Here’s a list of our personally selected time management tools and resources to make your life easier and improve your productivity. We’ve even included links to a couple of time-management crossword puzzles for you to try while you’re having a break.


Free Time Management Resources, Templates, and Tools


  • How To Set Priorities Flow Chart – Follow the flow chart to help you decide how to set priorities on your To-do list.
  • Goals Setting Template – Set goals to improve in 8 areas of your life: Professional, Personal, Education, Financial, Material, Relationship, Health, and Recreation.
  • Time Log Template – Use this Time Log template to learn how to better manage your time.
  • Gratitude Journal Template – Develop an attitude of gratitude. Make a journal and record the things for which you feel grateful each day.
  • World Clock Meeting Planner – Need to arrange a video conference, telephone, or net-based meeting with several people spread around the globe? This utility should help you find a convenient time so that no one has to be up during the middle of the night.
  • Visual World Clock – A visual world map that shows the current position of the Sun and indicates which parts of the Earth are in day and which are in night.
  • History of calendars, clocks and time – Fun and fascinating info and links to almost everything you need to know about time, clocks, watches, calendars and the history of how measuring time evolved.
  • Earth Calendar – Lists holidays and celebrations for various religions and countries around the world.
  • MeetoMatic Meeting Coordinator – Allows you to propose several alternative dates for a meeting and automatically poll people for the best date.
  • Electronic sticky notes – Replace all those yellow sticky notes you’ve been putting up around your monitor.
  • DialABC – Make your phone number easier for others to remember. Find out what words your telephone number will spell out on the keypad.
  • Smart Goals Guide.com – Free Goal Setting Worksheets Forms and Templates.
  • Life Expectancy Calculator – How long will you live? Take this simple test to discover your life expectancy and “real” age.
  • GetHuman.com  DialAHuman.com – Want to avoid voicemail hell and talk to a human? These two sites have direct-dial phone numbers for many companies.

Time Management Games – Crossword Puzzles

Complete this puzzle and find out how much you know about using good time management techniques within a team.

Test your general time management knowledge.
See if you can complete this time management crossword puzzle in less than one minute.


Time Management Software, Apps, Books, and Posters

Here are some recommended time management products to enhance your time management skills.

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