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Time Management Seminar Testimonials

The time management training seminars conducted by the National Management Institute consistently get rave reviews.

“Both content and presentation were excellent. Realistic, practical, do-able techniques. With minimal effort I’ll see immediate results that will increase exponentially throughout the year.”

Jane Wells, Master Scheduler

“I would absolutely recommend this course to others. This approach is invaluable in enhancing any aspect of one’s life.”

James M. Horrocks, M.D.

“Everyone thought this was the most useful, high-payoff learning experience they’ve ever had. They’re still thanking me for having this session.”

Peter Jewett, President

We’re still hearing about hunting elephants while avoiding being eaten by the ants, from employees who say this is one of our best programs ever. This was due in no small part to the enlightening information you share.

R. Moseley, Regional Administrator

“The time management ideas in this course are outstanding! High-performance ideas we’ll use every day, especially your practical ideas on dealing with heavy workloads and tight deadlines.”

John Renesch, President

The seminar was both entertaining and informative. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments. His suggestions will be very useful for every employee.

Robert Lewis, President

I believe this is the highest score any of our instructors have received. Fantastic!

Bill Miller, Sr. V.P. / Director, Corporate Learning Center, The Money Store

“The examples and content were excellent. This was the most practical seminar I’ve had in my life.”

Joyce K. Bolds, Instructor, Marketing Education

“Even if you think that you don’t have time for time management, the return you get from taking this course will far exceed the time you spent in class.”

Sherry Stevens, Corporate Vice President

“A very informative, interesting, stimulating and fun class where one can learn, have fun, and feel relaxed.”

Duane Marker, Senior Computer Systems Specialist

“Very practical, natural techniques you can apply to home and office. Entertaining. Peter kept my attention by keeping the seminar very workshop oriented. The best class I have ever taken!”

Eric Simpson, Systems Analyst

“The instructor deals with real-life situations in the management world, and shows that it is possible to be more organized and more effective.”

Thomas Rasmussen, Production Test Supervisor

“Superb presentation. The emphasis on the importance of quality time, teamwork, and time-saving techniques is right on target.”

Elaina A. Wysocki, Project Manager

“Since attending your course two weeks ago, I’ve begun to apply methods that have increased my productivity and effectiveness by 60% or more.”

Forrestine Pierce, Administration

“The instructor was captivating who knew the subject and how to effectively present it.”

John Higgins, Construction Operations Engineer

“The most beneficial, well-presented seminar I’ve ever attended. ”

Sheila Riddle, Administrative Services

“The best non-engineering seminar. Good Speaker, good visual effects.”

Suhas Shetty, Engineer

“Kept my complete interest the entire time.”

Ron Powell, Project Engineer

“Informative, professional, and entertaining.”

John McCain, M.D.

“Your seminar received rave reviews. Everyone felt the program was enjoyable and instructive. I hope we can bring you back.”

Susan Dearing, Manager, Training and Development

“An excellent, well-constructed program presented with flair.”

Randall Porter, Assistant Vice Chancellor

“Thanks for a tremendous learning experience. The session was outstanding! ”

Mike Sullivan, Director of Education, Tinker Air Force Base

“Very good material. The entertaining presentation focused our attention.”

Mike Lanahan, Director of Quality Systems

“Excellent seminar. The visual/magical effects were very effective.”

Dev Sen, Senior Reliability Engineer

“Very useful concepts. I’ll encourage my associates to attend. Many practical ideas.”

Narayana Nani, R&D CAD Engineer

“The magic provided good transition points and memory devices.”

Ken Fuiks, Software Manager

“New ideas presented in a humorous and visual way to help you remember the concepts.”

Arnold Estep, Manager of Engineering

“The added magic keeps the class going and enhances retention!”

Peggie Louie, Human Resources Rep.

“A real winner in the arena of seminars. Two thumbs up!”

John Mizzi, System Administrator

“The visual effects keeps the audience focused.”

Jane Quintanilla, Administrative Assistant

“Good seminar, fast paced, good attention grabbers.”

Ken Welborn, Project Engineer

“The Time Management class is fun, interesting and useful. It’s an excellent investment of time.”

Stan Mui, Project Manager

“Great practical ideas for changing your habits and gaining quality time.”

Ken Tang, Process Engineer

“This time management seminar continues to be one of our best-attended and well received.”

Rob Kepple, General Council

“This time management training will help you take control of your life.”

Inge Holman, M.D.

“Excellent seminar. The instructor uses humor and even magic to make superb techniques very memorable.”

Ron Cosens, Executive Director


“Thank you for the inspiring seminar you provided for us. Your humorous style and down- to-basics approach was refreshing and made the day enjoyable.”

Mike Glisson, Regional Manager

“A time management learning day that will enrich your life.”

Cynthia Gapud, Personnel Specialist


“A great Managing Time and Multiple Priorities class!”

Terry Langlais, Sales Training Manager

“The most informative and entertaining seminar that I’ve taken.”

Marian Stuart, Buyer

“A very efficient and effective time management course. Well worth the time.”

Daniel Beck, Clinical Education Specialist

“Excellent program should be required of all people!”

David Folan, Clinical Specialist

“Great presentation. Kept quality interest level with great materials and good sense of humor.”

Sandra Jo Henderson, Personnel

“A must for supervisors and managers in every company.”

Dick Marsh, Purchasing Manager

“I was impressed with the emphasis on high-payoff items and the identification of time-robbers.”

Richard Kellam, Test Engineer

“Everyone enjoyed your presentation and learned a great deal. Thank you.”

Michelle Dunlap, Assistant Director of Training

“Without a doubt the most beneficial class I’ve ever attended.”

Joan Huntsman, Division Manager, Municipal Court

“A class that is both fun and informative.”

Shirley Clough, Dept. of Law and Justice

“Your presentation was provocative, informative, and stimulating. Our members were unanimous in their praise. Thank you.”

Philipp M. Lippe, Past President

“Excellent time management seminar. The insturctor’s attitude was wonderful.”

Laura Binner, Supervisor-Media Services


“Excellent managing time seminar, met all of my expectations.”

Bill Erickson, President

“The most informative, well organized seminar I’ve ever attended. A must for any professional.”

Bob Bohn, Sales Information Manager

“The principles presented were practical and easy to apply. They were presented in a manner designed to aid your memory retention. The presentation style (visuals and humor) was very effective.”

Marilyn Beem, Accounting Specialist

“The magic tricks are great for helping you remember many of the principles of time management. This course works very well for a ‘right-brained’ person like me! Very visual!”

Philip Bean, Scientific Information Analyst

“This seminar is a day well spent, with several valuable tools for managing time and projects. Peter gives new twists on an old problem.”

Tamara De Jong, Financial Analyst

“Entertaining and useful! Actually came away with an action plan I can use immediately to increase my productivity! Excellent program!”

Barry Midkiff, Regional Personnel Representative

“What I liked best about the program was the motivation instilled to use the techniques.”

Mark Babich, Regional Personnel Representative

“Practical ideas that can be used immediately.”

Marc Rosen, Store Manager

“Excellent program. I feel energetic about attacking my work. The tools we picked up today will help for years to come.”

Michael Travis, Merchandise Distributor

“This program will help me to get a fresh start on managing my time and my life.”

Alan Tague, Manager, Loss Prevention

“A well-organized, complete approach to identifying and proposing solutions to time management challenges.”

Brian Swearingen, Applications Engineer

“This seminar has opened my eyes on how to effectively use my day for personal gain and to advance my company.”

Scott Larson, Buyer

“This class provided me with new ideas that will definitely make a difference in my future.”

Patrick Wilson, Stores Supervisor


“It’s amazing to see how complex issues such as good organization and time management can be presented simply and clearly. Excellent.”

Amarpal Khanna, Senior M.T.S.

“Extremely enlightening!”

Anna Dillon, Associate Quality Engineer

“Now I know how to get organized and to manage time. Life will be easier from now on.”

Chris Cadungug, Administration

“The program is worthwhile. It offers practical ‘rules of the road’ to apply on the job and in your life.”

Sandra Wong, Manager, Secretary

“This program has provided me with a formula for structuring my day and accomplishing more, both at work and at home.”

Ramona Borsody, Support Services

“This was one of the most interesting and informative programs!”

Donna Heaton, Technical Assistant in Distribution Computer Applications

“I learned new ways to work effectively instead of just juggling the same work routine day after day. I’m now using my time effectively.”

Anna V. Jarquin, Secretary

“Upon returning to the office after your time-management seminar, I implemented a couple of your suggestions and saw an immediate return on my investment. It gave me the time to write this note and jot a tickler note in my Day-Timer to contact you about scheduling another seminar for us. Thanks again.”

Andra Torrence, Manager, Training and Program Development

“Using the positive, professional ideas will substantially increase my group’s productivity.”

Walter R. Vierra, Staff Manager

“Everyone can benefit from these ideas and techniques no matter how organized he or she already is. A captivating presentation.”

Gregory Pipes, Assistant Staff Manager

“Excellent. Presented complex theories in easy-to-understand language. Has definite applications in business and personal arenas.”

Cherie D. Packer, Environmental Advisor

“A day well spent. Lots of good ideas and plenty of reinforcement.”

Lana Fox, VP, Administration


“A great program with valuable information that you can use immediately.”

D. Jett, Administration

“This is the most practical management course that I have taken.”

Antonio Perez, Auditor, Department of Corporations


“Information was extremely valuable, interesting, and fun. I learned useful techniques to use in the future.”

Carol A. Stokes, Department of Corporations

“This is one of the few seminars during which I stayed attentive and alert. I can’t wait to apply the ideas.”

Anne Rose, Legislative Aide

“The presentation is educational and entertaining. Many good ideas.”

William A. Moeller, Public Information Officer

“Thank you for such an enjoyable, successful program. I’ve had nothing but positive and enthusiastic responses from the participants.”

Pam Clevidence, Training Coordinator

“Excellent program that will benefit me personally and will benefit our organization as well.”

Janet Hunt, Vice President of Human Resources

“The information is practical, concise, and will be of great help to me, both professionally and personally.”

Dan Carrier, Purchasing Department, Manager

“A program like this has a very high corporate payoff in helping employees to stay focused on important tasks.”

Kathy Lundberg, Manager of Compensation and Personnel Development

“The seminar is fast paced with good examples and techniques. The day flew by.”

Peter J. Blomberg, Director of Engineering Services

“Great practical tips for everyone.”

Tom Thompson, Divisional Manager

“The instructor was effective and entertaining.”

Annette Baseman, Manager, Worldwide Customer Service

“Excellent teaching aids and different techniques used to get point across.”

Jim Carr, Test Engineer Manager

“A+ Good presentation, ‘attention grabbing.’ Many viable solutions. I’ll better use my time now.”

Dawn M. Dicks

“The class started me thinking about ways I can improve my performance at work. I’ve been striving to improve in a vague, general way, but I now feel clear about effective action.”

Roberta Janson

“The seminar was well organized and worth my time. I recommend this course to others. More businesses ought to endorse this seminar for their employees.”

Cathy Eddington